I couldn't find the sports car of my dreams...
...so I built it myself.
Ferdinand Porsche
The cars we drive say a lot about us...
Feel it
Touch it
Work on it
Ferdinand Porsche

We are extremely passionate about our Speedsters.

Latest User Build Phases

Once we had found out the import price for the side trim we decided to rather make it from 12mm round bar.
I begin measuring the sizes of the trim and figuring out the placement.
Tail light reposition complete
Fill sand, paint, smooth, repeat
The new taillights have been fitted in the correct location.
Before cutting the holes for the new taillights I needed to close up the old holes.
Manufacturing an adapter for the new steering wheel
Measuring up for correct tail light placement
I made a cardboard tank to test the space required.
Measuring trunk area
Removing beetle tank recess.
Finally spray filling
Repair & Remanufacture
Strip Down
Refurb, Repair , Replace
My car turns into a project car
Taking advantage of the sunny weather
Looking much meaner now
Upholstery started
Wheels painted
New back end of the Goosemobile
New face of the Goosemobile
Wiring finally done
Dash rebuilt
Engine freshened up
The Goosemobile safely in my garage
First pic of the car sent from the previous owner
Speedster at home at last
Advert Pic in Gumtree
Before pic
I began installing the new tail lights....
Installing the uplighter
Body Removed
New Donor
Speedster Strapped
Floor Pan Replaced
Back at home.........but not for long.
At the painters.
Off to the spray shop.
Strip down
The rear end. Paper thin, dull almost matt silver finish.
18September, I officially finishe the rebuild.
7 weeks later, the car comes home.
Stripped down the existing car when it was time to get re-sprayed.
The day it arrived in Cape Town.
The first picture of my SPeedster I saw.
New bits from Sierra Madre
I figured, since I have to redo the interior upholstery I might as well get new, more original looking seats. I purchases a set from Exclusive conversions and they are fantastic !
The interior had become damaged from all the modification so we decided to redo it. This time in a beautiful dark brown which set off against the paint beautifully. I also moved the interior door handle to a more authentic location.
Fitting the new Bosch ignition
The front lights and indicators were removed, moved and re-assembled. Now I am happy ! Now for the back !
Once I had a chance to examine the car I found that it had been put together skew. The bonnet handle was in the wrong place. This needed correcting... time to drill holes in the new paint work !
The car was delivered to my parents house again, where the project began so many years before.
Putting the car back together after paint, checking everything.
I can't remember being as happy as I was when I saw the car for the first time after it was painted! All those years of agonizing over details were worth it.
Before my car went off to the painters to be painted in such an 'odd colour' I thought I had better test it out. I painted a small model I had bought back in 2001 long before I thought I would ever own a Speedster.
I had taken moulds of all my original rubbers as an archive incase anything happened. After chatting to Gary, he ordered a set for himself... pretty soon everyone wanted some :)
before sending the car to the painters, Garth asked me to come and approve the bodywork.
I made a new tool for the indicator lights and ran off a few to check out the quality.
I did some research on a colour I had seen online which was similar to the beige colour. I had a sample mixed by BASF and was very supprised at the results... it was GREEN, in a good way !!
As the modifications came to an end I had to start thinking of a colour to paint the car. I bought some sample paint colours an we sprayed some samples on the car.
After a few months at DAW the car was starting to take shape again.
Garth sent me this image once they had cut the old front off. The idea as discussed was to replace the front of the car with the more accurate front from one of his coupes. A plan sparked by the idea that that the Speedster lights were too high.
The 3 car garage thing wasn't going down well so the car was moved to DAW, the plan was to finish it and sell it.
Making the best of a bad situation.
I was rescued from myself with a set of very neat parts made by Impi. Realizing I was in over my head I sent the car to DAW for completion ...
I decided that the replica rear seating area was too much of an eyesore and did something about it. The shocking results halted the build for three years....
Maybe it is the bumper position .... if I only knew then....
December holidays are the best for making great progress.
It is really starting to look like a Speedster now !
Cast indicator lights drawn from reference images.
Unable to find a set of horn grilles I set about making my own.
Making the parts for the door handles
After hours on the computer and a few weeks wait I finally had the new bumper brackets ready to install.
Installing and tuning the dual carburators
A Jetta, a trailer and a Speedster ... all in one garage.... it could be worse (just wait)
I moved the car to my new house ... and ran out of petrol on the way. Fail
My wife and I took the car down the road to visit a friend.
Matt black vinyl interior complete
The KCC replica bonnet handle was nowhere near the correct shape (as with most of their stuff) I few hours with a file sorted that out (followed by many hours with a cloth and a few tubes of Autosol)
Door cards from MDF
Next I decided to tackle the ride height. I am pretty happy with the rear ride height, mostly because the side shafts are perfectly horizontal which is mechanically sensible.
The seat upholstery.
I bought a roll of cheep vinyl and briefed my mom with the sewing mission...
Fitted tailights, numberplate light, deck lid grille, switches and new steering column.
bought a shiny new windscreen frame from KCC...
I laser cut a bracket to increase the wheelbase slightly so the front wheels would be centered in the wheel wells and added 5° of caster while I was at it.
Skip forward two or three months and you can see the car is starting to take shape.
Speedster body mated to beetle pan
Removing the body from the donor car, a 718 RSK Spyder replica. I really enjoyed driving the 718 but it was bought because it was on a shortened beetle pan which is perfect for the Speedster.
To protect the underside of the body from stones and debris from the road I applied a few coats of spray on undercarriage rubber.
Red leather seats
The first job and my first hind that this 'kit' had not been thoroughly thought through. There was nothing in the manual outlining how this was to be done.
The KCC replica body has a rather unsightly recess for the indicator lights. This was to be the first of many mods.
Horrible looking varnished ply dash.
Checking out the exhaust, pan and suspension.
Big smiles all around.
Second Pre-fitment
Final Paint Second Time Around
Rear seat modification
Modification to the front end and headlights
Rear Luggage Rack and Rear Bumper Fitment
Bumper and headlight fitment
Gauge and switches placement
Fitting vinyls and carpets
Final Trim part fitment
Black Paint complete
Ready for paint
Pre-fitment of trim parts
Shortening Chassis
Universal Products Speedster Kit
1977 VW Beetle

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