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My accelerator pedal has been feeling dead and only responsive when stepped on to the max. So having some time I dived in there and saw the pedal has been bend to resemble a banana and the hinges at the bottom of the floorpan bend and rusted. The roller idea used by vw beetles was probably a good idea for the first few years but mine seem to been miss-aligned and badly worn. I now purchased a better condition pedal set with the intention to fully plate and re-bush the assembly and then do an exchange while checking all cable connections, etc

My question is do you guys still use the roller type for accelerator pedal or have someone designed and implemented a better crank system to date?

I was thinking of implementing a ball and cup type connection as in for the 911 accelerator setup ?

any comments welcome please



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Hi once you re adjust the

Hi once you re adjust the pedal to roller relationship correctly. the action will be perfect without further attention.

you should however check the whole cable run especially at the rear where the cable exits the pan there should be a sheath that covers the cable which leads to a short metal tube going through the fan housing. if any of these are missing you will also have problems.

For the repair to the pan itself I buy a normal house door hinge made from steel it duplicates that piece almost perfectly and the pin can also be used if yours are worn.

The Pirate Empi replacements are just so much @#$%^&


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Great thanks Armand. I got in

Great thanks Armand. I got in there tonight and bend most of it to align better than before. Seem to be working, but since I have a nice set now I will get that done for installation soonest, will also check the whole cable run and cable condition front to back.

will need to replace the hinge area on the pan, that is great idea ! There is some rust and a hole for fresh air that will need repairs

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